Penetration Testing

Whether you are looking for a trustworthy penetration testing partner or looking to set-up an internal Penetration Testing function - we have the expertise to help. With over a decade’s experience helping businesses get the very best from their penetration testing strategy, testing and reporting we can quickly add value to any business and provide the assurances you and your clients need.

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Attack Simulation

It's no longer enough to just rely on your People, Process and Technology. You need to consistently validate the effectiveness of these controls. Attack simulation from SMARTSEC helps identify gaps, identifies risk exposure, demonstrates business impact and helps improve and evolve your security posture.

Our attack simulation is designed with 'real-world' scenarios to provide a realistic and authentic test. Tailored to your needs, we can help you solve your specific challenges and needs.

Red Team Testing

Designed to test your People, Process and Technology, our red team services mimic 'real-world' adversarial tradecraft relevant to your business  so you can put your defences to the test. Our Red Team services are a flexible offering and are designed to suit any budget. 

Ransomware Simulation

Ransomware is a global issue and a top threat facing organisations today, with businesses falling victim to such attacks on a daily basis. We assess your business controls for effectiveness of prevention, detection, containment and eradication of ransomware. 

EDR/MDR Assessments

Organisations often have a variety of tooling they rely on and often find themselves with a disconnected cyber defence capability taking a reactive stance with alerts from generic rulesets and configurations. This leads to a low level of fidelity, confidence and not tailored to the organisations needs. As all tools, they need to be tuned, maintained and evolved. We evaluate your toolsets against 'real-world' threats to ensure you get the very best from their capabilities. 

Purple Team 

Bringing attack and defence together. Identify capability and control gaps. Red team exercises by nature are designed to demonstrate that compromise is possible. A purple team is designed to have a broader scope, concentrate on specific attack path scenarios and specific threat actor tactics, techniques and procedures to improve detection. Purple team is collaborative, engaging and lends itself to a more learning environment and is optimised for overall improvements. 

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