Penetration Testing

Whether you are looking for a trustworthy penetration testing partner or looking to set-up an internal Penetration Testing function - we have the expertise to help. With over a decade’s experience helping businesses get the very best from their penetration testing strategy, testing and reporting we can quickly add value to any business and provide the assurances you and your clients need.

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CREST Approved Penetration Testing

Our CREST approved Penetration Testing service is orchestrated from the perspective of a real threat actor. Identifying vulnerabilities and understanding how threat actors abuse those vulnerabilities is critical to helping organisation defend and strengthen their security posture.

All our engagements are led by experienced consultants, from start to finish. This ensures we provide you with a world-class service and consistency throughout your engagement.

See the benefits of Penetration Testing.

What is Penetration testing?

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Internal and External Penetration Testing is designed to assess your infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and other security weaknesses that could lead to a compromise of confidentiality, integrity or availability. Our service is tailored to your needs and meets regulatory requirements such as PCI-DSS and NIST

Web Application & API Penetration Testing

Our most requested service is for Web Application Penetration Testing. We assess your web applications against the OWASP Testing Standard to identify vulnerabilities and common misconfigurations that are often abused by malicious threat actors.

Mobile Penetration Testing

Mobile apps present and alternative avenue for attackers to exploit your business and customers. Our Mobile Penetration Testing assess apps for both iOS & Android devices to ensure they are free from vulnerabilities and built to industry standards,

Remote Worker Assessment

As the modern workforce moves to a more hybrid style of working it has never become more important to ensure your remote workforce is secure. We assess your remote VPN endpoints, user stations to ensure they are free from misconfigurations which could lead to compromise.

IoT Penetration Testing

We assess your IoT devices by testing the following; Firmware, Application, Encryption, Network and Hardware components. As IoT devices become more prominent in everyday life, a breach could have devastating consequences particularly as they are commonly found running critical applications, and processing data of a sensitive nature.

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