Key benefits of Penetration Testing

When it comes to Penetration Testing it is often seen as a tick box exercise for the majority. A blocker, a way of slowing project completion and more. It is often to see the benefits of a Penetration Test being overlooked.

Today we will present the key benefits to performing regular Penetration Testing.

Identify Vulnerabilities

This may sound like and obvious one, but it's an important one. Penetration Testing is designed to explore your systems/applications and even your staff and internal processes for existing weaknesses. Weaknesses which could lead to failure of the confidentiality, integrity and availability. Afterwards you are presented with a report which helps your businesses strengthen your overall security posture clearly displaying the real risks faced.

Adhere to compliance and regulations

It goes without saying these days that many compliance and regulations, such as 27001, PCI-DSS mandate regular Penetration Testing. This is to ensure the minimum requirements and standards are being met. Not only this though, it demonstrates to your clients and staff that your business is serious about Cyber Security and doing the right things to safeguard what's important.

Testing your defences

During a Penetration Test and depending on the scope, your defences should be able to detect a Penetration Test that is happening, even if you know it is happening it is always a good idea to keep a close eye on it. This way, not only could your cyber security team learn new things, but it is an ideal time to identify areas for improvements for their detection capability. And of course, you may want to ensure your Penetration Tester Is adhering to the written scope.

An expert 3rd party opinion

Having another set of eyes cast over anything is often a good idea, especially an experts. A Penetration Testing expert has years of experience in testing different systems and application and has the 'real-world' knowledge to add appropriate context to findings. An external opinion sometimes has a bigger impact also on management, helping secure/allocate funds and resources.

Maintain trust & Drive new business

You always want to maintain trust with your current business partners and clients. Demonstrating that you frequently undertake Penetration Testing, act upon the output clearly displays this. Not only this, new contracts often require this to be demonstrated prior to exchange and by embedding this into your security programme you can easily meet new business contract requirements.

Business Continuity

A Penetration Test can reveal all sorts of issues, one of which could be issues with continuity of service. This could be directly or indirectly during the engagement. Identifying these types of issues early can help reduce unexpected downtime and or loss of accessibility for your clients.

SMARTSEC are here to help your business get the very best from your Penetration Testing.

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